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Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implants by Millcreek DentalMissing Teeth? Why Not ‘Grow’ New Ones?

Modern dentistry doesn’t yet have the process available to allow you to grow new teeth. However, it is probably on the to-do list of more than one enterprising bio-engineer. While we wait for technology to catch up, we can offer you the next best thing – dental implant restorations.

You’ll welcome the natural look and how well these implants function. They are the perfect solution for replacing your missing teeth. What makes them seem so much like your original teeth are that they’re anchored in the jaw and come up through your gums, rather than resting on top. Implants can provide you with the necessary foundation to chew any type of food and give you a great-looking smile. They can replace a single or a group of missing teeth. Even patients with no teeth can benefit, as they can attach upper and lower dentures and get rid of embarrassing movement that can occur when you speak or eat, plus they don’t need to be removed at night.

The process starts with an exam, continues with an oral surgeon placing a titanium post, and then Dr. Schloss places a custom-created, natural-looking restoration on top. Get the smile you deserve – permanently!

Dental Implants Erie PAOverdentures – No More Messy Denture Adhesives!

If you have dentures, you know what it is like to have them move without warning – frustrating! So, you use more denture adhesive in hopes of making your teeth stay put, but that can be messy.

It’s time to give up on the mess. With dental implants placed as the stabilizers for your dentures, your teeth will become “locked” in place, so they can’t move. Yet they readily snap off for cleaning. Say farewell to messy creams! Ask us if you are a candidate for overdentures!

Don’t live with missing teeth any longer! Call (814) 835-3740 for a no-obligation implant consultation today to determine your suitability for dental implants.

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